Sustainable development

We are a certified Carbon Neutral company and have over 50 green policies.


Intelligent travel

Because sometimes travel is inevitable!
  • 100% electric company cars
  • Flexible hours facilitate the use of public transport
  • Bike racks and showers available inside the premises
  • Remote work encouraged to reduce the frequency of trips and GHG emissions
  • Work tools that promote remote interactions to limit travel
  • Hybrid or low-consumption rental cars
  • When possible, we opt for LEED certified hotels

Steps taken in our office

Because simple actions make all the difference!
  • Plant lighting via motion detectors and LED technology
  • EnergyStar certified equipment.
  • Paperless office, oh yes!
  • One printer and no copier
  • Use of reusable notebooks
  • If necessary, purchased paper is made from recycled paper
  • Email billing system and electronic payments

Eco-friendly kitchen

Because cooking is at the heart of our daily life!
  • We only offer fair trade coffee, only reusable tableware is available to our employees
  • A set of bamboo utensils is offered to each employee
  • A water filter installed in the tap is used instead of a cooler Use of biodegradable products sold in refills
  • We require that maintenance companies use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Recycling of other materials: bins are provided to collect batteries and light bulbs as well as returnable containers (given to an organization proposed by an employee) and we invite employees to drop them in recyclable materials from their home

Responsible production and consumption

Parce que l’approvisionnement doit se faire auprès de fournisseurs qui adoptent les meilleures pratiques en termes de développement durable!
  • Ordinateurs à faible consommation seulement.
  • Matériel de bureau sélectionné selon des critères environnementaux (durée de vie, matériaux de conception, achats locaux, etc.).
  • Équipements informatiques et électroniques en fin de vie ou désuets donnés à l’entreprise de réinsertion sociale Insertech qui s’assure de réemployer ce qui peut l’être et de recycler le reste.

Employee reimbursement policies

Because a helping hand is always welcome!
  • 50% of the cost of a composting device.
  • When the energy efficiency of your home can be assessed and can help reduce your home carbon footprint, Tootelo will reimburse 75% of the costs associated with this assessment.
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