Sustainable Development

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smart travelling

Smart Travelling

Many positions in the company require our employees to travel. In order to cause the smallest possible impact, we have implemented the following travel guidelines:
  • The company's executive vehicles are 100% electric models
  • Flexible schedules facilitate the the use of public transit
  • Bike racks have been installed inside the premises, and a shower was installed to facilitate active transportation
  • Working from home is encouraged to reduce the frequency of trips and participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • We facilitate the use of Web conferencing to reduce travel (internal meetings, customer training, canvassing, webinar)
  • When we rent a car, we favor low consumption cars or hybrids
  • Where possible, we opt LEED certified hotels
  • We offset our air travel by purchasing carbon credits
steps taken in our office

Steps Taken In Our Office

Here are a few of the steps taken in our office to ensure a minimal impact on the environment:
  • Installation of motion sensors to control lighting
  • EnergyStar certified appliances purchases
  • Installation of carpet tiles, so that areas that wear out quickly can easily be changed
  • High-efficiency hand dryers have been installed
  • 100% of the lighting in our offices uses LED technology
  • Each workstation is equipped with a recycling bin
  • We installed lengthy computer hibernation on all workstations.
paperless office

Paperless Office

We have taken many measures to ensure that we use the least amount of paper possible in our office.
  • No photocopier, one printer to serve the whole office
  • We encourage the smart use of paper by asking employees to use the back of the sheets of paper for notes or internal use
  • When we buy paper, it comes almost exclusively from recycled paper
  • In 2015, we introduced invoicing by email and we encourage our clients to use electronic payment
  • When we must resort to printing, we prefer the services of a printing company that not only holds FSC certification, but also adopts green practices (ecological inks, producing zero discharge into the sewer).
eco-friendly kitchen

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Our kitchen was designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  • We exclusively offer fair trade coffee
  • Residue from the coffee machine is composted by an employee
  • Only washable mugs are available
  • Only washable glasses are available
  • We use a water filter installed directly in our sink, instead of using a water cooler
  • Our dish soap and hand soap are biodegradable, and we only purchase refills
  • We require that maintenance companies use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Recycling of other materials: We have trays designed to recover batteries and lightbulbs as well as recyclable containers which are sent to an organization proposed to us by and employee. We also encourage employees to bring in their recyclables from home.
responsible production and consumption

Responsible Production and Consumption

We seek to purchase from companies that adopt best practices in sustainable development. We also strive to consume responsibly.
  • We only use low-power computers
  • Office equipment is selected according to environmental criteria (lifespan, design materials, local purchases, etc.)
  • The computer and electronic equipment at the end of life or obsolete are given in Insertech reintegration company that ensures reuse what can be recycled and the rest.
recycling policies

Recycling Policies

Following these guidelines is a question of respect for the office environment and the goals of Tootelo Inc. All paper, cardboard and plastic that can be recycled, is to be placed in one of the two blue bins in the kitchen-area. The city of Boucherville manages the bins. They recycle:
  • Newspaper, wrapping paper, paper bags
  • Cardboard, cereal boxes, cards
  • Water bottles, yogurt cups, margarine containers
  • Ketchup bottles, bread bags, milk and juice cartons
employee reimbursement policies

Employee Reimbursement Policies

Tootelo offers the following reimbursements:
  • Évaluation énergétique, where the energy effeciency of your home can be rated, and can help reduce your carbon footprint at home: learn more here - Tootelo will reimburse 75% of the cost.
  • 50% of the cost of a composting device
PC recycling is a company that recycles computers and often re-distributes them in developing nations:
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Computers 
  • Cables and other related equipment
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