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Tootelo is a Quebec SME founded by Benoît Brunel, who remains its CEO today. Although its head office is located in Boucherville on the South Shore of Montréal, Tootelo has business divisions with offices and facilities throughout Québec. While it initially started out in 1994 as a phone service provider and call centre, Tootelo has since spread its tentacles into a wide variety of sectors, specializing in the development of innovative technological solutions.

Though its team has grown from 7 employees in 1994 to almost 300 today, its goal remains: to offer its clients personalized services of the highest possible quality, and to provide its employees with a stimulating work environment and a perfect balance between personal and professional life.

Tootelo through the years

Company created under the name Réseau Telmatik inc.

Various telephone and call center services
Launch of a first service for the new Immocontact business division

Communication solutions for the real estate sector
Launch of the Touchbase Real Estate business division

Appointment and showing management application dedicated to Realtors

Citation innovante ici

Benoit Brunel, Fondateur de Bonjour-santé

Launch of the Bonjour-santé business division

Technological solutions for the health sector, both for clinics and patients
Réseau Telmatik inc. becomes Tootelo Innovation inc.

Tootelo’s name comes from Tutelo Heights, the place in Canada where inventor Alexander Graham Bell came up with the idea of the telephone. Tootelo pays tribute to the innovation and creativity of the man often referred to as "the man with a hundred ideas"
Call centre service now called Telmatik

Call center and phone support services offered to nearly 1,500 businesses
Two clinics merged to become Polyclinique Levasseur join the Tootelo Cliniques network

Innovate Super Clinic also used as a living lab to showcase and test Bonjour-santé solutions
Launch of Bleen, the anglophone counterpart of Bonjour-santé

Appointment management services offered to medical clinics outside Quebec
Launch of the Bonjour-santé Media business division

High visibility advertising network that displays advertising on screens in clinics and on virtual screens
Clinique médicale Angus joins the Tootelo Cliniques network

Super Clinic with over 100 health professionals offering a full range of services and care
Centre d'urgence St-Laurent joins the Tootelo Cliniques network

Super Clinic offering various services, including minor emergencies, family medicine and specialized medicine
Pointe-aux-Trembles Polyclinic joins the Tootelo Cliniques network

Super Clinic with nearly 40 health professionals, including general practitioners, a urologist, nurses, psychologists, social workers, etc.
Launch of the HekaLab private laboratory

Private specimen collection, nursing care and vaccination laboratory that also offers pregnancy services, a sexual health clinic and care for women
Communication LGP joins the Tootelo family

Company specialized in providing telephone services to meet the needs of all types of organizations

Une citation très inspirante

Benoit Brunel, Fondateur de Bonjour-santé

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