Tightly Knit, a relief program rooted in solidarity

Tootelo is all about caring and benevolence. We celebrate our successes together and also support one another when times are tough. This is the spirit in which "Tightly knit" was created in December 2020. This unique emergency fund was created to support colleagues who are experiencing a critical, temporary situation that is beyond their control. Although Tightly knit is funded by Tootelo, employees can also contribute voluntarily or even offer material donations.  Each request for support, submitted either by the employee in question or by one of their colleagues, is reviewed by a select committee in complete respect and confidentiality.

Since its inception, Tightly Knit has had an exceptional impact, both for those who have received help and for all employees. Knowing that you can count on such support in urgent and difficult situations greatly helps reduce stress and anxiety. This program truly showcases the value of sharing that sets our tribe apart!

Heartfelt testimonials from our employees:

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